Sicc S.r.l. was born in 1983. Originally Sicc was a service business, but after some time it became a company that produces industrial and civil closures. Today Sicc S.r.l. is a successful company for the Italian market.
The thirty years’ experience, together with the continuous desire to renew and bring into play, makes Sicc S.r.l. a dynamic company, constantly putting attention to market’s needs. This is why Sicc S.r.l. has always invested lot of resources in research and development, both on materials and on production methods. In fact research and development are today the main characteristics of this brand.
Its particular attention on production and commercial rules is a one more guarantee about quality, reliability and competitiveness of Sicc’s brand. This is why all our products present the marking, and all materials used meet European Directives. SICC S.r.l. gambles on high quality service and variety of products. Thanks to its high knowledge of this sector, SICC S.r.l. does not only distribute its own products, but it also satisfy all customer needs (also implicit ones) from design to customer care after sale.
With its professional staff and equipment, SICC S.r.l. can take all responsibilities in order to assure the success of its assigned works.
So, for its productions, SICC.S.r.l. assure a 12 months guarantee, but it also subscribes maintenance contracts in order to assure, year after year, the perfect functioning of its installations.

SICC FOR CHILDREN–“i bambini delle fate” foundation

this non-profit foundation works for its social and humanitarian purpose to help disabled children. This foundations has a commercial organisation that allows to facilitate relations between Italian companies and social projects which aim is to support, not only disabled children, but also the financing of the scientific research on children illnesses, in particular autism.
Fondazione I Bambini delle Fate foundation
Registered office : Piazza della Serenissima, 40/A – 31033 Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Tel.+39 0423. 425499 Telefax +39 0423.425498 – –

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