The door, model STEEL DOOR, is composed by 50 mm.-thick wings realized with perimeter steel profiles varnished on Sicc’s colour spectrum. Door wings can be divided into several modular sections by crossbars. Modular sections are predisposed for panels or glasses which are supplied separately and have to be assembled during the installation phase.



Our standard is to supply the steel door case black coloured and ready to be fixed on masonry. Hinges are made of steel, they have two wings and they are black coloured.
This door is equipped with inside and outside handle, with lock, with bottom nylon brush which has its black aluminium support, and with black rubber seals for the beating side. Any secondary wing is blocked by sliding bolts or espagnolette bolts for closure.
This door functioning is guaranteed with a temperature between -30°C and + 70°C.

Available colours:



Other models                            thermal transmittance                        Optional



    steel wings with out of catalogue colours

    aluminium wings with thickness of 20/10

    wings made of stainless steel sheet

    lock or anti-panic handle

    with one or two lock points

   glass potholes
     (with squared, circled or rectangular shape)

    bottom door closer