sliding doors, model        SLIDING DOOR SILVER

The sliding door, model SLIDING DOOR SILVER, without bottom track on floor, is made of 52 mm.-thick panels. These panels have an inner perimeter frame of galvanized steel, they are insulated with polyurethane foam injected inside (which has a density of 43 kg/mc), and they are covered by pre-varnished 7/10 smooth metal sheet. For panels all Sicc’s colour spectrum is available.



To protect the door wings, to avoid the surface to become scratched, a self-adhesive protective film is stuck on and has to be removed by the installers at the moment of installation.
Panels are joint in their height by black aluminium profiles with the shape as “H”, and panels are assembled on top and bottom by other black aluminium profiles with the shape as “C”.
Thanks to the upper track, made of 40/10-thick pressed steel, and which is load-bearing, this door do not need any bottom track on floor. This upper track is also equipped with brackets for fixation on masonry, and it has 4 wheel supporting steel carriages for the sliding movement. This sliding movement on the upper track is driven by a bottom roller driver composed by a 74mm.roller, a bearing and a little plate to fix it on floor.
The door perfect closure is guaranteed by espagnolette bolts, installed inside and equipped with bars that close on top and bottom. These bars have a strengthened extremity and a PVC device that allows the bar to slide, all made of black varnished galvanized steel.
Rubber seals for lateral closure are made of black natural EPDM, which is also anti-ager. These rubber seals allow a perfect sealing compound.
Door can be delivered as manual, predisposed for motor unit, or with a motor drive. We guarantee our doors functioning with a temperature between -30°C and + 70°C.


Available colours:



Other models                               thermal transmittance                          Optional



    steel wings with out of catalogue colours

    aluminium wings with thickness of 20/10

    wings made of stainless steel sheet

    pedestrian door with lock or anti-panic handle

    glass potholes

    espagnolette bolts with external key

    motor unit

    broken wing